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-- For clarification, Ms. Elvie Mabanglo did mention about the number of Dental Chair sold in a month, to be clear on that, it is around 25 to 30 Dental Chairs in a Monthly basis. --


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In this Video, we will be discovering what's behind the success of one of the leading Dental Equipment Supplier in the Philippines, the JAGAS Medicadenta Corp.,

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Oh hello, nandito tayognaion's, a yagas medical dental corporation, one of the best dental equipment supplier in the philippines.

Let's have a look inside rosalie foreign welcome to jaga's medical dental corporation dental chairs and x-ray machines and other items with the ownership and uh our president, dr gabriel, obidossa at nyon pond in 2014.

I incorporate and I'm very proud of that, because we are also one of the leading dental equipment suppliers in the philippines in the philippines.

Why? Because up up this time, we already have our branches in cebu iloilo, and why we are that uh very long ago in existence.

It is because we are not only good in selling.

We also have this what you call lifetime technical support, uh after popular on the karuna brand new dental chairs, though made in china.

We assure you that they are u.s technology, and this is the manufacturer named forshan nan hai in china, and we do give the lifetime technical support.

Why? Because of the exclusivity opponent, parts from big to small items, that's why um disposable dental chair and also with our skilled technicians, available and nationwide.

My bb game supports among dentists.

So parts and technicians or service- and that is other than the one year- warranty meaning to say pugna tap- was not putting one year.

One warranty here we go for the lifetime technical support corporation and now I'm proud to say.

Then we have this.

Digital x-rays is um as the mobile and world type, and now we do have the digital x-ray machines and price is okay because they are slightly used and the warranty, as I said other than the one year warranty lifetime technical support is also present.

So that is how I think chagas makes it different from other dental suppliers.

These are japan made, so we have the seed.

We have the xcpx, almost the japan, and then we also have there the maruchi osada.

So everything what is this and then this is the x-ray machine, but this one is machu and apple, because this is analog type and latest napoleon, and we also have the compressors so the small items or the accessories we have the best pressure.

I think this is a silent type, compressor, the big compressors.

We also have uh dental instruments by the way and after we've got peace.

Another thing that I may say, I'm proud of jagas is because this is the actual or the exact location where we started at first.

We just started in a bungalow house.

Now, as the years passed, jagas has already his own building three floors building.

We also have uh our own dental clinic here for the employees and also for the neighborhood okay, hello, dog good morning, hello, hello, hi.

This is our own jagga's own dental clinic and our doctor is dr rene, hello and now uh.

Let's proceed to the ground floor where our brand new dental chairs and digital machines, x-ray machines are, let's go.

Okay, let's go, and here is our operations manager.

Mr fred, now, let's proceed to our showroom.

So first, is this uh digital x-ray machine? This is cbct korean made x-ray machine see you can see it's almost brand new.

That's why it's competitive because of the price range and, as I said, there is a service and partner, and now here are our brand new dental chairs made in china, where we distribute exclusively to private dentists.

Also, I would like to say that our customers are not only the private dentist.

We do have a private corporations, private schools and this government agency, which are done through bb.

Our company is uh registered not only with the sec but the corporation, the bir, the lg use, but we do have the fda food and drugs administration license to operate and uh.

Also, the field checks for the government bidding now here are the different models of our brand new dental chairs.

This is our top of the line which is b10 y top of the line, because uh everything are already being here, meaning to say this is a nine position program of all, when you say nine position for programmable uh, it is categorized into three types of individual.

First is the for children for kids and then the second one is for the adult, and then we also have the foreigner or the big size.

Customers or patients now for kids, we have the first uh.

We have three operational, that is the height of the chair and then the reclining okay and then back to the original position.

So it is really very, very accessible and helpful to the dentist by just uh, pointing at this at this table.

We do have the position as you can see the light.

The light is also that, well, I say modern in style, okay and it is uh with uh sensor.

It is a central light, okay and then complete with uh the the tissue holder, the fast feeder, which is also a push button.

Here we have the push button uh here, so this will be the water system and then the crusty door, how it will be cleaned- and this is also food control- that's why it's it's very, very hygienic.

Everything is touch touch here for the dentist assistant and there is the dentist operational table and also the food control.

So no other touch no other uh touch system.

Now, one of our sailor ball.

Is this b7 this event? Why? Because this has a dual: this can be um b7.

This can be used by a right-handed and also a left-handed benthis.

How for a left-handed, you will just push door there and then the dentist will get inside.

That will be the left-handed shot and take a look at the opposite.

We do have a good colored apostate from the green side, blue side, yellow everything it.

It is also an original, of course, apple city, because uh, the leather is good.

It is leatherette and good.

I have a question: yes, how about? If the dentist doesn't want the color? Well, we can change that.

We have our own butt local.

If the original is not available, but as much as possible, we really uh give the original upholstery per model, but if it is not available, then we use the local one, which is also good and also we have.

We have somebody to do it.

Yes, we have an upholsterer.

We are complete, actually our manpower, even if it is pandemic.

I think the total lack or or the nationwide employees we have reached something like manga, 40, 40 employees, okay, so from the technicians to the upholstery.

We also have the fabricators this, including already our branches.

Yes, all our branches, one manager, the technicians there, the driver, the helper everything and we can go as far as yes nationwide as far as mindanao, and here in luzon we don't have yellowstone branch, because our head office can cater the luzon branch as far as lobagio.

Actually we have a branch there in maryland, usa and then uh.

There are also they also have patronize sam some dental chair, but then uh due to the lack of employees available there and that doctor obidosa is always here in the philippines itself, but it is really really.

The quality is really acceptable because, as I said, it is us technology and ever since we have settled to one manufacturer on this.

The, as I said, is ocean non-high manufacturer in china.

We are, the dentists are satisfied and we employees are also satisfied with the quality.

Let's go to the small items here in the cabinet, where first, this uh, those are the dental instruments.

So we have this the dental instruments here these are.

This is a surgical set.

Okay, so we have percept surgical, set, surgical set and then we have the amalgam and composite covers the animal carvers and waxing instruments.

Everything endodontic instruments, excavators elevators, so everything is here- and this is made in pakistan, which is also quality, quality, quality, dental instruments- and now here are- as you can see this this is these parts are for delivery system assembly.

All of this, this is one of the pride of jagas.

We have the small items where we can sustain the lifetime technical support, and these are our accessories.

We have here the light cure the ultrasonic scaler and then the the what they call this, the parts for the touch the touch pads for the touchpad and then you also have the low speed the high speed and for the x-ray you have the cassettes with intensifying screen and then the solution.

We also have implant implant instruments for the implantologist, and this is the set for the implantology instrument, we're complete.

Yes, we are complete all the pliers and cutters.

Yes, maybe we can go inside for the stacks.

Yes, we can sure hello.

Can we get it? We have miss georgia and mr jr.

This is our uh stock room or the warehouse for our small items, as I said from the uh very, very small items to the motor of the dental chairs and everything.

Okay, here are the horses.

Here we have different horses, that's why we have a lot of stuff.

As you can see, we have lots of stocks for the hoses different kind of hose for the dental chair.

There's a lot of steps here.

Yes, even the screws everything here- and these are the arms for the unit also have we do have.

Oh, this is a sample of a dental chair or of uh the upholstery of a dental chair which is already in the for the seat of the dental chair.

So if it is of the same model and when you try to yes, you try to change it with this color.

Then we can salt hunting, dental chair, so still the original upholstery is available and then these are the tissue holder, which is on the delivery system on the side of the delivery system of the dental chair.

And then we do have this electrical tape.

Cable pie, fancy, oh tangy, also male female plug.

I think this is for the ultrasonic scaler universal adaptor, canister strainer with coffee, so everything this dci is uh.

Dci is a us us company, so we do have dci parts, that's for dental, chair too.

Yes, and it's made in the u.s.

They have everything, so the products is quality.

That is, I think, one of our ends.

Yes, we do have the being an exclusive distributor.

We do have all the parts here is our stock room for our dental instrument.

If I may show you these are the boxes, so we have the coding uh for the czech retractor a check, retractor the bite, black red, what else the surgical mallet everything is folded.

So- and you know you know what, with our dental instruments, they are really good, uh, the surgical instruments.

I already have introduced to the surgery department of of uh one of the well-known hospital here in metro manila, and they say that they are really really very good and can compete with other, shall I say, much priced or much expensive dental instruments.

Aside from these boxes of instruments, we do have the brochure for where you can choose by mirror flipping up the page on the categorize as yes, everything categorize as per dental instrument, you can see and you can choose and our source is damp art that art is the manufacturer or dental instrument manufacturing company.

We are also the exclusive distributor for this made in pakistan and I'm proud for the quality of this dental instruments.

This is the ball black 2563.


I would like you to share with you.

The content of this here are the instruments and they don't tarnish.

If it turns we can replace it, just see to it that there is really a proof that gala on the grass or whatever an attorney is then no question asked.

We will replace the whole thing so far.

Yes in case yes, okay, I will categorize that before the pandemic and of course now, which is pandemic.

Okay before the pandemic, I I am very proud to say that we have reached 60 million sales for the dental chair and that is around 25 pieces.

Dental chair, that was for the year, 2019, okay, so that's 25, dental 25 to 30 dental chairs, that is, for an average price of 200 000 and now that it is pandemic last year, even if it is pandemic still we were able to uh.

I think that is around almost 50 percent of that 60 million, but then uh and I may say that even for the government entities they do purchase during the pandemic, but there is a change in the bidding process, because that is for an emergency.

There is this uh just a form for us to avail and to furnish them and then go we close x-ray.

Yes, this is the digital x-ray machine and cbct.

When you say cbct, this is this model is higher than the panoramic with panoche.

It is very, very useful, especially for the implantologists, also hindi, lantalaga cheers and meron and jagas yes x-ray.

Yes, we have, we really do concentrate on the dentist's name, especially the uh, and also consider you manga, especially it's like the implantologist.

The availability of everything regarding the industry or regarding dental practice, shall I say, and to consider, of course, competitive price plus the financing scheme that we do here.

So you could just imagine this.

One is something like say: it's 3.5 m.

We have terms for that.

We can 100, that is around, and the brand hero is nasa and above by logo.

So this is not brand new.

This is slightly used or referred as made in korea, and our supplier is really direct from korea.

So it comes with the what you call this: the complete set of the computer attached to it.

What is important is the program and uh.

Oh that's why we need the ikea.

Sometimes they deliver like this.

Yes, yes, they do have the ip and they are the one who who are knowledgeable for the operation as well as for the after sales service is a place in production.



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