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You're getting ready to list that CPAP machine that you got from the thrift store today.

Well, you're gonna want to watch this video before you do that hey good evening.

This is frank.

With stroke of luck and in this video we're gonna, discuss medical equipment and supplies, and whether or not you can sell them on ebay.

Now, the answer to this question I'll give you the answer immediately is if it requires a prescription.

No, you cannot sell it on ebay.


This question got brought up earlier this last week in a Facebook group that I'm in and somebody had bought a CPAP machine from a thrift store and they were excited because they see that they are listed and going for several hundred dollars on ebay.

Unfortunately, those listings are people that are taking risks by listing that equipment when they should not be.

It is actually against eBay's policy and rules to list anything that requires a prescription.

So in that list, just to give you a cut, an idea of a few of the things that are on that list would be again CPAP machines for people with like sleep apnea.

Second would be like an oxygen concentrator, somebody who needs oxygen for when they're sleeping or those little portable oxygen tanks and even those tens of units that you put on like your lower back for back pain or whatever.

That kind of stuff is all written prescriptions from a doctor.

So therefore, you cannot sell them on ebay and it really shocked me how many people, when this person asked this question in that Facebook group and how many people said, do it till you get caught? That's it responsible and dangerous, because, eventually, if you break the Bayes rules too many times, they will just completely ban you completely from selling on eBay.

Now, for me, that's a risk.

I'm not willing to take eBay is my full-time job.

So if I lose my full-time job selling on eBay I have to go back to work in a real job working for somebody and I'm, not gonna.

Let that happen.

People are foolish enough to want to they just risk it risk it risk it and they may never get caught.

I, don't know, but I know I'm, not gonna risk that.

So this also got brought up because, as I was outsourcing this weekend, they came across a bunch of these and they are Joey pumps.

That's what they're called, but as soon as I looked at them more closely and after I got them.

I noticed that they say rx only on the package, which means prescription only so doctor does have to prescribe this part of the machine.

I guess so, therefore they cannot be sold on eBay, I didn't think it was kind of weird, because all it is is just hoses and a couple plastic pieces, but I went ahead and called eBay.

Anyways I gave him the name of the brand of the item.

The model number all of that I went ahead and looked into it.

I was on hold for about 15 minutes and when they finally got back to me, they said no.

Unfortunately, you cannot sell it, even though it is just hoses of whatnot with that packaging beam, labeled rx only it's not allowed.

So that being said, I bought a bunch of them, but I paid like 10 bucks or like several hundred of these things, so I'm out 10 bucks.

But you know what it was.

You know it was worth the gamble to see if I could sell them, but again, like I, said I called eBay.

First I did not attempt to list them.

I'm not gonna list them and I will either see if I can, if there's a place here locally, where I can donate medical supplies to and I'd rather just give them away to a medical if they can continue to be used better that way than to risk selling them, and it was crazy as I.

Actually there are some listings for these on eBay and I was probably looking to make if I sold them all out, I probably made about $1,500 profit, but again not worth my risk.

I'm not gonna, do anything to jeopardize my livelihood.

So it's a no for me.

So just keep uh just pay attention to that stuff.

Always if you're not sure, if your can sell it on eBay or not best thing I could suggest, is call you a directly ask them see what they say.

It's not gonna hurt again dealing, that's gonna hurt is when you list it and then they pull the ad and, like I said, if you get too many strikes against you, they'll they'll first send you like a warning letter telling you hey.

Your item has been removed because of violates blah blah blah I believe.

The second strike is either a three or a seven day suspension where they shut down your store for seven days, and you have no income coming in for seven days and then I believe the third strike is they ban you completely.

I may not be one percent hectored on those punishments or whatever, but that's kind of the way.

I understand it is so again call you, may 1st don't go into Facebook groups and ask and get answers from a bunch of random people that don't really know they're just giving you their opinions, go straight to the heart, go straight to the horse's mouth and get your answers because you know you're not gonna have a leg to stand on one day when they suspend you and then you say, yeah well, I was in this Facebook group and this guy Joe Blow told me to sell it on eBay I'd.

Be fine.

No, don't do that Polly obeyed directly and get your answers from them.

Just do your due diligence cover your backside and pay attention to stuff like that, because if this is your full-time job, this could be catastrophic.

So remember always double-check TENS units CPAP machines.

If I'm not mistaken, you cannot sell medical needles.

I believe you can sell the syringes, but you cannot sell the needles themselves if all else fails go into eBay on their Help section and type in prescription, metal equipment or whatever and it'll.

Give you an idea and then again ultimately, like I, said call you may directly find out for sure, but yeah I just wanted to bring this to your attention, real, quick, because I actually was doing some eBay, cert or YouTube searching earlier, and nothing really came up.

That was a direct video talking about this I know some people mention him, along with during the course of a normal video, but no I couldn't find any YouTube videos that talk directly about selling medical supplies and equipment on eBay, so I felt this needed to be put out there.

Hopefully this will save.

If this saves one or two people from getting their store suspended, then it was well worth the time that I had to put this little video together.

So hey this is that I was just again a short video, just a quick little video to talk about this.

But if you have any suggestions which like to see in our future, videos go ahead and comment down below if you could also hit that like button down below subscribe and also hit that bell so you'll get notified when we get new content that will all be down below in the description area.

So remember go hard.

Seven days a week.


Is it illegal to sell medical supplies on eBay? ›

Medical devices that require a prescription can't be sold on eBay. Listings for other medical devices must follow our policy. It's important to check that items can be sold on eBay before they are listed.

What not to sell on eBay? ›

Prohibited and restricted items
  • Adults only.
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia.
  • Embargoed goods.
  • Firearms and accessories.
  • Government items.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Items encouraging illegal activity.
  • Lockpicking devices.

Is selling medical supplies profitable? ›

A medical supply business can be profitable because it meets a fundamental human need. People will always need medical supplies, whether it is for themselves or for a loved one. Additionally, the demand for medical supplies is growing as the population ages and more people require treatment for chronic illnesses.

Do I need a license to sell medical supplies in USA? ›

Selling DME or home medical equipment (HME) without a proper license carries civil and criminal penalties. Furthermore, even if you or your employee's set up or install DME, you and they must be properly licensed or risk significant fines.

Can you sell medical supplies on Etsy? ›

Prohibited items

Several types of items are prohibited from being sold on Etsy, including: Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and medical drugs.

Can you sell medical supplies on Facebook? ›

Listings may not promote medical and healthcare products and services, including medical devices, or smoking cessation products containing nicotine.

What is banned from sale on eBay? ›

These items may not be listed on eBay: Adults only. Drugs and drug paraphernalia. Embargoed goods and prohibited countries.

How do I avoid selling limits on eBay? ›

Since eBay selling limits of all types are there to protect customers from unreliable sellers, many limits get lifted automatically once you've proven you're the real deal. Selling reliably and gaining good feedback for 90 days or more can lead to restrictions being lifted without you needing to request a review.

What are the risks of selling on eBay? ›

The risks
  • Fraudulent buyers claiming refunds from PayPal by claiming non-delivery, goods not as described or received damaged.
  • Not being paid for items that have been despatched.
  • Being paid with a fraudulent or stolen payment card.

What is the best way to sell medical equipment? ›

How Do I Sell My Home Medical Equipment? The best options available for selling used medical equipment include eBay and craigslist or other local buy and sell sites . The difficulty with offering medical equipment is that you have to find a customer who is searching for exactly what you sell at a fair price.

How to sell medical items? ›

Reach out to healthcare providers, such as your doctor or a family doctor, and ask them if they have any old equipment they would be willing to sell. They may also be able to refer you to other healthcare providers who are thinking of selling their old medical equipment.

How to make money selling medical supplies? ›

Set yourself up for success by getting to know the ins and outs of starting a medical supply business.
  1. Choose a medical niche or underserved market. ...
  2. Determine your business type. ...
  3. Secure your operating licenses. ...
  4. Fund your business. ...
  5. Identify vendors and distributors. ...
  6. Build your business and market your brand.

Can medical devices be sold without FDA approval? ›

In order to market or sell a medical device, it must be registered, cleared, or approved by the FDA. In 1976, Congress amended the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to allow the FDA to regulate medical devices before they're legally sold in the US. This was done to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Do you need FDA approval to sell medical devices? ›

Owners or operators of establishments that are involved in the production and distribution of medical devices intended for use in the U.S. are required to register annually with the FDA. This process is known as establishment registration (Title 21 CFR Part 807).

What does DME stand for in medical terms? ›

Durable medical equipment (DME)

Can you sell Advil on Etsy? ›

1. Alcohol, Drugs, Medical drugs, Tobacco, and Drug Paraphernalia. Etsy has a strict stance regarding selling alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, medical drugs, and tobacco. These items aren't allowed on Etsy due in part to being controlled substances and their legal restriction plus, they aren't in the spirit of Etsy.

What do I need legally to sell on Etsy? ›

Etsy doesn't require sellers to have a business license to sell products via its platform. However, the state, county, and local municipality where you've formed your business may require you to hold licenses and permits to operate your company legally.

Does Etsy take a cut of your money? ›

Etsy's transaction fee is 6.5% of the total cost of the sale. These fees are only collected on products that sell in your Etsy shop, and will be posted automatically to your account once a purchase is made.

Where can I sell my health products? ›

Amazon – This is the most widely known e-commerce platform. The two most popular choices are: Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) or Fulfilled by Amazon (Amazon FBA). If you choose Amazon to sell health products, then you'll have access to their huge base of customers and their excellent reputation.

Why can t you sell medical equipment on Facebook Marketplace? ›

Facebook has a policy against promoting items that are intended to be used for medical purposes, which may include wheelchairs. Your ad may have been flagged for containing prohibited or regulated items, or for not following the marketplace guidelines.

What Cannot be sold on Facebook Marketplace? ›

What cannot be sold on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Digital products or subscriptions.
  • Weapons, ammunition or explosives.
  • Animals.
  • Illegal, prescription or recreational drugs.
  • Medical or healthcare products.
  • Tobacco products and related paraphernalia.
  • Ingestible supplements.
  • Adult products and services.

What are the restrictions on eBay? ›

A buying restriction means you won't be able to make any purchases on eBay. It is usually placed on an account due to a possible policy violation. If you have a buying restriction on your account, you won't be able to buy items or bid on auctions until the issue is resolved.

Is it worth it to sell on eBay? ›

With all the other new eCommerce platforms, is selling on eBay still worth the time and effort? Well, yes! eBay makes a great side hustle when done in the right way. But, at the same time, it also has drawbacks that are entirely avoidable - and we're going to show you how to side-step them with relative ease.

Why won't eBay let me list an item? ›

Most likely, your listing contains banned words, hyperlinks, or your selling limits have been reached. Contact eBay Customer Support to find out the exact reason why the listing was blocked.

How much can you sell on eBay before paying taxes? ›

If you've sold at least $20,000 in gross merchandise value and exceeded 200 transactions for goods and services* on eBay in 2021, you will receive a tax Form 1099-K for all your 2021 sales transactions including relevant internet sales tax.

How much can I sell on eBay without paying tax 2023? ›

As of January 1, 2023, the IRS requires eBay to provide you with a Form 1099-K if your sales exceed $600 during the 2023 tax year.

How much does eBay take from a sale? ›

If your item sells, eBay keeps a portion of the sale. This final value fee for most categories is 13.25% of the sale price or lower, plus $0.30 per order. Tip: Listing more than 250 items per month?

What is the safest way to sell on eBay? ›

The safest way to sell on eBay is to be transparent on your listings, understand your seller limits and avoid any prohibited or restricted items. As long as you sell within eBay's rules and are honest with your buyers, you shouldn't have problems on the platform.

Which is safer eBay or amazon? ›

Which is Safer, Amazon or eBay? E-commerce can be a risky business, but overall, Amazon may have more safeguards in place because you don't have to interact with your customers. Amazon handles the payments to the seller. However, both Amazon and eBay have many safeguards in place to protect their sellers and customers.

What is the safest way to sell items online? ›

Stick to the facts of the item being sold. Do not put any information that identifies you personally if it's not strictly necessary. Keep in mind that every piece of information you post may be used for other purposes than you intended. Limit your information to limit your risk.

What medical device sales make the most money? ›

Currently, the new leaders for top income are capital equipment/durable medical equipment sales representatives, with the highest total annual compensation of $188,351.

What is it called when you sell medical equipment? ›

A medical sales representative is responsible for promoting medical equipment, products or services to a variety of markets, primarily including hospitals, medical centers and doctors' practices.

How hard is it to sell medical devices? ›

Selling expensive medical devices is no easy task. Hospitals take procurement very seriously, which means you need to work diligently to capture the trust of potential buyers. But that can be difficult when it comes to items such as MRI machines or CT scanners, which represent large investments.

How much do medical devices sell for? ›

Medical equipment prices go from $2,000 to $100,000 USD. If they're used, they can cost around 30 to 40% less than new ones. This amount will depend on the type of instrument, but mostly on its brand and the technology it involves to function.

Is there a lot of money in medical device sales? ›

The average base medical device salary is $94,918 and the bonus commission is $60,440 in 2021, making the commission percentage you earn 38% of your total compensation.

Can I dropship medical supplies? ›

You can consider dropshipping items like feeding tubes or exam gloves to medical professionals. Besides, you can also sell home health supplies, such as medical beds, canes, or home diagnostic kits. As you can see, the medical supplies niche is so widespread. It has a consistent, growing demand in the market.

Who is the largest distributor of medical supplies? ›

As the nation's largest distributor of wholesale medical-surgical supplies and equipment, McKesson Medical-Surgical is ready to support you. Our products include high-quality national brands like Welch Allyn, Midmark and Drive Medical.

Who is the largest manufacturer of medical supplies? ›

Medtronic once again tops the list as the largest medical device company in the world. With a workforce of over 90,000, operating in 150 countries, Medtronic is at the forefront of medical technology.

What are medical commodities? ›

Medical Commodities is another name for medical products that are sold OTC but can also be acquired through prescription and are also given to people on a regular basis.

Are you allowed to sell hand sanitizer on eBay? ›

Measures We're Implementing Across Our Marketplace

Beginning on March 5, we implemented a ban on certain items listed on our site, which includes blocking new listings and removing existing ones that sell: masks including N95/N100 and surgical masks; hand sanitizers/gels; and disinfecting wipes.

Can you sell your own body parts on eBay? ›

Human body parts or items containing body parts are not allowed. We don't allow the sale of human bodies, body parts, or products made from the human body on eBay.

Can I sell insulin syringes on eBay? ›

Medical devices that require a prescription can't be sold on eBay. Listings for other medical devices must follow our policy.

Is it legal to sell from Walmart to eBay? ›

Choosing to dropship from Walmart on eBay, you need to know the eBay dropshipping policy, which allows to dropship only from wholesalers. So theoretically, you can dropship from Walmart to eBay but it violates the eBay policies because Walmart is retailer.

Can you sell tampons on eBay? ›

We don't allow the sale of human bodies, body parts, or products made from the human body on eBay.

Can you sell stuff on eBay without a license? ›

Facts. Ebay does not require a business license for any of its users, but if you have an eBay store you will likely need a business license -- this depends on the statutes of your local government. If you plan to buy items on wholesale instate and resell them on eBay, you need a seller's permit.

What is a Class 1 medical device? ›

The three classes are based on the degree of control necessary to assure the various types of devices are safe and effective. Class I – These devices present minimal potential for harm to the user and are often simpler in design than Class II or Class III devices. Examples include enema kits and elastic bandages.

What is the difference between medical device and medical equipment? ›

What is medical equipment? Medical equipment are defined as medical devices requiring calibration, maintenance, repair, user training and decommissioning – activities usually managed by clinical engineers.

How do you determine if your product is a medical device? ›

You may search for a legally marketed device's product classification by reviewing its device listing information. Device listing information can be found by searching the FDA's Establishment Registration and Device Listing database, using either the Quick or Advanced Search feature.

Which body part I can sell for money? ›

Blood plasma

The U.S. is currently suffering a major plasma shortage due to the pandemic, so your plasma is more valuable than ever. It takes about 24 hours for your body to replace its plasma, so you can usually give it twice a week.

What is it called when you sell your body parts for money? ›

Organ trade (also known as the blood market) is the trading of human organs, tissues, or other body products, usually for transplantation.

How much is a pen of insulin worth? ›

Each pen pack is equivalent to about one and a half vials. As of March 2022, the price for a vial of insulin ranges from $50 to over $1,000, and a pack of pens ranges from $45 to over $600. “Prices are too high,” Redmond says. “Not just for insulin but for most diabetes medications.

Is there a black market for insulin? ›

To save money on insulin and diabetes equipment, people are turning to online groups where strangers offer their extra supplies.

Can you sell glucose test strips on eBay? ›

You don't have to worry about choosing the best way to sell diabetic test strips online when you can sell them everywhere. Run an Ecwid store on your own website, on popular social media platforms, or through marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

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